Passive House Window Design & Certification: Understanding Performance for Advanced PH Practitioners and Window Manufacturers  With Adrian Muskatowitz (PHI) When the first Passive House was built in Darmstadt, Germany, there was not a single window on the market that met the stringent Passive House performance requirements. Fast forward to today, and the situation is vastly different: a robust European market with over 200 certified Passive House window products. In Canada and the US, the Passive House market is heating up. With countless low, mid and high rise projects in the works, the demand for Passive House quality windows is increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, the scarcity of North American manufactured Passive House windows means projects are having to look overseas for these products. But we can change that. Join us for an exciting workshop that will provide you with a solid understanding how to design, build, and certify a window to Passive House to help you meet this growing demand. Who Should Attend: North American window manufacturers and designers interested in learning about the qualifications to meet the Passive House Window Certification criteria and how to design a profile to achieve certification. Sept. 30th, 9am-5pm Shop for more tickets

Workshop: Passive House Window Design & Certification